Monday, July 2, 2012

Why Not Good Kharma?

I am no technological genius so this may be easy for me or not...ah, not so hard after all!!  These are photos of a handbag that I made for a fundraising auction for the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association (  I missed the deadline to get the bag to LA for their silent auction, so I told them I would sell the bag and send them the proceeds as a donation.  So here is the handbag, quite lovely and original and a one-of-a-kind treasure that will be great as a handbag or tote or combination thereof.  The price for the bag is $60.00 - 100% of the proceeds goes to LHRA.  I can take debit or credit cards, or paypal.  Just let me know if you are interested in purchasing this wonderful bag for such a worthy cause!
So as I said, why not good kharma.....this is my favorite part of being GoodKharmaReThreads....seeing my work turn into love and help for others who can't help themselves.
And even as I offer this bag for one group, I have already picked out the 'raw materials' for the next bag, this one for a young horse named Spirit, who is blind and has been beaten up by the herd of horses she was with, and had injured herself just because she tried to go with the herd but ran into things due to the blindness. So I want to raise a little money for her, too.  People have her and are treating her wounds and giving her a chance...I'm on board and will make a great bag for Spirit....i found a piece with 'spirited' horses all over it...kind of cool!

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