Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I had a good Saturday at the Durham Craft Market - sold a bag and two tops, on a day when everyone else was not selling - so I felt blessed.  Still feel blessed, always feel blessed, and right now I am overwhelmed with inspiration.  I want to make these awesome maternity tops, because every week I see a great number of pregnant women at the market, and I'd love to have something for them.  I want to make more plus-sized tops and need to make more small tops.  I want to make more girls' tops.  And the dresses - well, I almost shiver with desire at the thought of the dresses I want to make (or re-make, to be more precise) - all beautiful dresses.  This doesn't even take into consideration the bags.  I have bags, or the puzzle pieces that will become bags, ready to make....tote bags, duffle bags, grocery bags, handbags, gift bags, yoga mat bags, all the bags you could imagine.  Its all there waiting for me....along with the picture frames I'm trying to redo for SpecialHorses.org, to frame custom haikus that people purchase to raise money for the horses.  And I have horse bags to make and dog bags and cat bags, all to be fundraisers for charities that help our fellow creatures.  I even have an idea for a ladies' bag - a cute bag to donate to Pennies for Change, which is a thrift store whose proceeds go to run battered women's shelters.
So what should I do?  I know I will get in there and just do it....probably not today, but certainly in the morning.  Maybe tonight....I'll let you know what I decide to re-make - what will be first - and maybe some pictures, too.  Until then....practice kindness and peace.

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