Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Hot One

yes, it was a hot one this morning at the craft market.  it was about 100 degrees by the time we were loading up to come fact, we weren't the only vendors at the craft market or at the farmer's market that were loading up just a tad early and getting out of there ASAP.  also, have to mention that there was about half of the average crowd of market-goers and about a quarter less vendors, both sides of the street.  that said, it was fun for most of the morning, until the heat started coming on stronger.  sales were light all across the market, and i made just enough to pay for my trip and to buy a few things at my favorite thrift store's month-end clean sweep sale (half off their already low prices).  And, of course, we met a few new people and saw a few familiar faces, too.  The nice lady that bought a yoga mat bag from me last week came by, bag in full use, to let me know how much she loves her bag.  So awesome to hear such a testimonial.  Another nice lady that passed up a top last week came back and tried it on and bought looked great on her, too!!  It is really nice to have my work appreciated and have people happy that they bought something that i made.  That's what its all about....and i believe happy customers go out and do something good for someone...that good kharma passes through them, too.  You can see it when it happens!  well, i will be back tomorrow or monday with the beginning of a new piece....till then, peace be with you!
it is early in the morning, and we will be leaving soon to get to Durham and set up for the Craft Market.  as always, i am excited.  i always feel like it is a huge adventure when we go to the DCM.  the early morning part does not make me jump up and down, but i'm getting used to it.  i've learned to get prepared on friday night and not try any last minute sewing heroics.  so i get the rest i need to be on my feet and talking to people all will be 105 degrees or so today so we should get out of there just as the temperatures are getting close to the daily high temp.  we have lots of water and so i'm pretty sure we'll be okay.  anyway, i will report on our day, along with pictures, later today....till then...practice peace!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

home sweet home

well, i made it back home to hurdle mills. i am still sorting through all of the treasures that i found on my little trip, and its a job....i found a lot of treasures.  i will get some pictures posted tomorrow and also share with you some history of myself and goodkarmaretreads.  i wil also start spiffing up my blog is so exciting to me that i am actually doing this!!  so tomorrow we will have more fun....peace be with you....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

well, things are going on in a different order than i expected.  this happens to me alot!  i am teaching my son's girlfriend to sew, and starting her off by teaching her how to make a yoga mat bag.  we are using one leg from a pair of pajamas.  she just learned how to put that 'always an adventure' bag bottom onto the pajama leg.  we have already made and installed an awesome large pocket at the top of the bag, too.  i am taking pictures and will post them as soon as i can. i am going to go now and show her how to put another pocket with contrasting pattern and color, considering the pajama leg is striped and the first pocket and the bottom are solid. The contrasting pocket looks has sparked total creativity mode in my 'student' and she has found a one of a kind button given to her from south america.  tomorrow we will get up early and run back to the ram's rack and find some silky pajama bottoms that we will use to line the yoga mat bag.  then we'll finish the top with some kind of closure and attach a shoulder strap....we'll have to shop for that in the a.m. as well.  i will go back home tomorrow and try to post some pics and a bio, etc. here in the blog world.  have a good night!  namaste....peace be with you...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome to my new blog!  I have no idea how to do this blogging thing.  I don't plan to let the lack of knowledge or experience hold me back. I will eventually fill in the history of GoodKharmaReThreads but for now I will start with the birthing of a new piece, all the way from the conceptualizing and collecting the 'raw materials' through the final steps - sewing in the label and hanging on the tags.  I am in Boone, NC and getting ready to go to a very large thrift store, the Ram's Rack, to see what treasures are waiting to be discovered there.  I'll let you know what I find and a little more info about this particular thrift store when I get back.  Till then.....