Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Merry, Merry Month of May

I can't believe it is May already....mainly because the weather is still stuck in a winterish pattern....
For me, for GoodKharmaReThreads, the past month of weather ups and downs has been a definite issue as far as production (my fibromyalgia doesn't like weather changes) but I have managed to get a few things put together.  Sales have been light, not just for me, for all of my artist friends.  Weather, economy, taxes, and other shopping squashers...well, we will have faith that spring will take hold this month and give us a buffer before summer gets here.
I wanted to share a few of my creations...the first is a stunning top, in a plus size 4X.  Hard for me to show it off on the dress form but I embellished with native Jamaican/African type fabric from a dashiki.  I look forward to its person finding it.  In the meantime, I just may have to wear it over some leggings as a long tunic....maybe even this coming Saturday at the never know....but I digress...

I got several more tops remade, each different from the last....which is always the best part...each piece being original, new, fresh....I'm never bored with my work...I also got a few girls' tops completed...from infant to extra-large....much fun!!!  I have such a good time working on the girls' pieces, and I am getting ready to launch a new category....boys' tops...from baby to teen....I have had many requests from young men and even a few not-so-young...wanting something unique and fun and how can I pass up that opportunity for my own creative I will be tackling that in the near future, along with my diaper bag prototype...I will be diving into that in another month or so, as I have an order for one to be completed the latter part of June.

All These Adventures

I know that I am way, way behind in blogging. It has been here waiting for me to know what I wanted to say.
I spent this spring cursing the weather for being such a curse, cursing and parting with the full-length mirror that was apparently a source of negative energy that I was taking everywhere that I vended.  I feel like I have gotten realigned with myself and the universe that I serve.  It is good.
I am looking forward to my first time as a vendor at Hillsborough's Last Fridays event on May 31st.  I think it will be a very good venue for GKR, and I will like not having to arise before dawn to get somewhere.
On that note, I plan to get up at the crack of dawn on June 1st to do the Durham Craft Market.  I feel like the first of the month is when people have a little money to spend, so I am going to focus my crack of dawn events to coincide with that fact.  I am learning about the business end of being an artist and how to maximize my chances of producing income so that I can continue to do what I love.
I have also had a few other reckonings lately.  The most significant would have to be that I am presently farm-sitting at my former home and I brought a bunch of dresses to work on while I'm here.  Turns out that there is not an ounce of my creative juju in this house for me.  It has all been relocated.  I can't make anything here but a mess.  So I am making ribbon strips for some bows that I have to have ready for a wedding next weekend.  I think I can't hurt them too much, and if it turns into a mess, I will set it aside until I return home.
GoodKharmaReThreads is the best thing that I have ever created.  I love what I do and feel love going through me into what I make when I'm working.  It is most beautiful.
I will definitely post some pictures with my next blog entry.  I am not on my computer and so I have limited access to my files.
I will definitely show off the bows after I finish them.  I have never made bows, so it is its own kind of adventure.  I have to be a very lucky person to have so many wonderful adventures within my art.
I will go now....have farming things to tend to...more to come this week.  Until I blog at you again, may your days be filled with peace and light.