Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Sucker for the Little Girls...

I don't know, I guess just the fact that I had two sons and no daughters, makes me enchanted by little girls.  It has become a great joy for me to see them want the clothes that I have re-created, not to mention when I get to see them try something on and fall in love with it!
Today at the market I met four young/little girls.  Two were local, and two were visiting from out of state.  So the youngest of the two out-of-towners picked out a top and her mom bought it for her.  She was having a fit to go to the bathroom and change so that she could wear it immediately (more feeling good for me!!!).  The two local girls' mother wasn't around, so they had to watch as their friend got such a nice present.
Well, they went on their way, and I was a little shocked when they came back  Apparently the girl's bigger sister ended up with the top, she liked it and actually was wearing it at this point.  So they were back to get the last girls' top that I had for the younger girl.
So as the mom was writing me another check, I decided to offer the girls their pick of the gift bags that I had displayed in a basket on the table.  Well, the two local girls came into my booth and saw their friends getting these little bags, and were asking how much they cost, their parents were not around.  I decided that the best thing for me to do was to let them also pick out a bag and it was my treat!  They were so taken aback.  It made me feel so good, and also I think I realized that there are a lot of people, young, old, and in between, that are so unused to an act of kindness and generosity.
I had another opportunity at generosity today, as someone was looking for a gift for a friend, but didn't have much to spend.  She asked me if I had any less expensive bags.  Well, I started talking to her about what her friend liked, what she did for a living, and such, and we looked at some bags that I thought would be a style that she could use in her work.  I gave this nice lady a deep discount so that she could get a nice gift for her friend.  It was uplifting for me to get to do something nice for someone who was trying to do something nice for someone, too.  I am not trying in any way to be boastful.  I'm just relating the importance of being open to the universe, letting the love and light shine through you and share it with others in whatever ways you can.

It was a good day, a special day.....a day at the market...I'm still smiling!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good Things...

I guess only a perfectionist (not me) or a masochist (not me) or me would consider more work, considerably more work, than the original task a good thing.  I am working hard this week to get my store and my website store up to date with my actual inventory, much of which has never made it past the craft market or my Facebook page. In this process I am measuring, describing, and photographing all of these items.  What a great time to go over each item and look for things that need a little repair here or there, or a little wash, or in some cases, a complete resewing (removing hand stitches and replacing with machine stitches (smoother and stronger).  A couple of items will just disappear, as the base garment has developed a major issue, making it wiser just to strip off the embellishments and find them a new home, and recycle the base garment into a bag lining or handle or whatever.
So I have my work cut out for me.  I have finished the pre-listing processes for all of the garments and will get the pics edited and all put on etsy today, tonight, tomorrow.  I will also start working on the repairs.  Hopefully will have it all ready to list on by the end of the week, or Monday, at the latest.
I also have to do the same thing with the bags.  I will start on them tomorrow.  I'm sure I will find a few things that need fixing with the bags, too.  They are probably less likely to need much, since they are mostly newer and also made to be used...rough and tough...and pretty!  They are, unfortunately, much harder to photograph than clothing.  So capturing each bag and all of its unique features will be the booger here.  I'm in a good place with it all, though.  Felt resigned at first, but now just peaceful and grateful and glad to be taking this time out to do these not-so-fun but important labors of love.
I will let you know how it goes...and when you can see everything on line!!
Maybe I'll document the deconstruction and reconstruction of an item as I take it from its original hand-sewn place to the much neater and stronger machine-sewn condition.  Could be interesting....peace to you till then!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hot Times in Durham...

Didn't know I hadn't published this posting.
Yesterday I did the Durham Craft Market.  The weather was sunny and humid and hot...oppressive.  This kind of weather doesn't agree with me...I feel like all of the air, water, energy, and motivation have been sucked out of me.  But I can't change the weather, can I?
Today I'll be back in Durham's Central Park at their Food Truck Rodeo.  I think it will be even hotter than yesterday, and we'll be there all afternoon instead of being finished at noon ala the Craft Market.  I guess what I'm saying is....send me some mojo of good cheer and cool breezes, clouds at least.  I have to remember it's just four hours of my life, and I'm taking fans (the electric kind).  I think I can make it....I just hope business is better than yesterday....sold one top.  I'm not all evens out....but given the get my point, I'm sure.
I spent the past week making bags; I had spent the previous couple of weeks making clothes, and at the same time, people seemed to be buying bags left and right, so my supply on hand was getting a bit low.
To update, I had a small heat stroke at the Food Truck Rodeo.  I was ill for a couple of days and have had a hard time getting going, but I'm doing better.  I had decent sales....there was not a lot of buying, unless you're talking about the food...the people were there to eat!
Yesterday (one week later - Durham Craft Market - Saturday morning) was the first time that I didn't sell anything at the market.  I could live with that, but there was going to be a pig pickin' that afternoon and the 'cooks' started with their smoking and cooking of meat, which made me unhappy.  I moved across the sidewalk trying to get away from the smoke (hickory smoked garments - maybe not a good idea), which was a pain in the you know.  So not a very fun time overall.
Of course, we were the last ones to arrive and both spots we were in during the course of the morning sucked....our week we will be there early enough to pick the spot we want, even if I have to go there and sleep in the truck (not really!)

Slowing Down for Some Down Time....

I have made clothes and I have made bags.  I have a decent inventory and I have brought out my fall/winter things.  This week I plan to work determinedly to update my Etsy store and my website.  I will make something if I feel like it.  It will be hard for me not to sew; I'd much rather be doing that than the computer stuff (which is why it is so behind now), but the time has come to get it done, get it current and manage it from that point forward on a regular basis.
I will keep you posted on how this all plays will be restful I hope...hard to say....stay smiling and I share with you much peace.