Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unfolding of Purpose

My last post was at a very profound point in my understanding of the practicing of what I preach....more lessons in the ways in which the Universe works - for us, against us, with us, without us, and through us, sometimes running over us or maybe tripping us up at an opportune time. 
I have had a huge, really huge change in my life and lifestyle - I have separated from my husband of 29 years - and I have had to take a good look at the world around me and try to see where and how I fit into it.  It has been a very positive experience so far.
I think the one most important and positive thing has been getting reconnected with a dear friend that I had kind of lost touch with...we would see each other at stores or stoplights and pass and repass...but we have been family for 12 years or more.  The interesting part of this reconnection is that it came directly from my inept attempts to help by putting those items on ebay a few weeks ago (as discussed in my last post).  She was the one person who responded to the listings, as she wanted to purchase one of the bags I had listed and then removed. 
By the time we got a chance to get together for a visit and a little wine and for me to deliver the bag she wanted to buy, I had moved out of my home and was staying on another friend's couch.  Well, the universe opened up and put us in each others' paths for a reason...I needed a new home, and she had a downstairs apartment.  She needed to get rid of a huge amount of hoarded but valuable stuff, and I knew exactly how to do that for her. 
I now have a wonderful new home, private or unprivate as I want it to be at any given time.  We are making headway cleaning out and cleaning up and starting to chip away at the 75% of her stuff that she would like to get rid of.  It is wonderful here...I am so very happy, and I am finally moved in and sewing again, getting ready for the dtown Market, getting ready for the DCM that will begin in April, getting things done, and smiling while I'm doing them.
So GoodKharmaReThreads is open for business again...relocated to Chapel Hill, NC...and it has new room to grow as do I....
 I realize that I have a long road ahead of me....and that my business has a long life ahead of it...and we are one, GKR and myself.  It feels good...
I will be back posting some pics of my new digs, new workspaces, and new items I've been working on....sorry that I had to drop out for a while but it was necessary...we begin again...and we are surrounded by love and peace and goodness...let these things wrap around you and hug you and know that good times are back soon...I promise!!