Monday, June 29, 2015

A Quick Hello. ...

We made it to North Carolina on the 18th. ...and due to space restrictions,  I am currently unable to sew.  This makes me sad, since I have a couple of commissioned projects that I can't work on/complete.   I have come to terms with this. ...its not within my control at this time.
I do, however, have my paints, so I am working on a pair of Birkenstock sandals for my mom.  She has graciously opened her small home to the three of us, and I want to do some extra nice things for her as a small token of my appreciation for her generosity.
Otherwise,  I hope to get some more items listed on my Etsy store site. ...that's about all I can do from here at the moment.
I am also going to the beach for a few days. ...R & R and inspiration.
I will post some pictures of the Birkenstock sandals as soon as I can figure out how to handle this delicate procedure from my phone.!   I am not technologically gifted! 
But the bottom line is that we made it and we're looking for our own place.   I am looking forward to creating a new studio space for GKR. 
I wish everyone a happy 4th of July, should I not get back to post anything between now and then.
Keep the peace. ...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The News!!

There is much to tell....well, nothing is overtly exciting, other than the biggest news....we're moving back to North Carolina in a few weeks!!!  GKR gets to go back to her home state, and already we have some vending venues lined up!

The clients I am currently working on projects for have been awesome!  They have each given me the time off for packing and moving, and I'll pick back up on their projects when we get moved and some kind of working area aka studio set up again.  I appreciate their patience and kindness more than they could ever know.  Waking up this morning without feeling that extra pressure was a big relief.

And that relief has allowed me to get to the business of listing a couple of things that I completed in GKR's shop; and, get on to culling (yet again), and packing up GKR for the upcoming relocation.  I will be listing these two handbags on etsy....I have been so pleased with the response from people on etsy regarding the painted shoes that I listed, that I hope the painted handbags will garner the same kind of attention.  It will be interesting!  That's for sure!

I think that the sailboat bag will, of course, have a specific clientele.  The garden/bird bag should appeal to a wider audience. 
I love both of these bags,  
    and they should appeal to a     host of people.  If you know
     anyone that might like    
    either of them, please feel 
    free to share....

I have come a long way on the second shoe for the 'lotus blossom shoes' as well:

They are probably 85% complete now, so I will pack my paints last....and hopefully get this pair finished, waterproofed, and hopefully, listed on etsy before we head eastward.
These shoes have been just a joy to work on, each blossom, leaf, etc., is different from any other on either shoe.  It has been a fun project for me!  And for the next week or so, will give me a 'go to' for expressing built-up creativity!  I am going to need that!  At least till June 11th, when the Veteran's Thrift Store comes and picks up my current work surface, which obviously won't be traveling with us to NC.  By then I'll be so busy getting ready to leave, I will eke out any excess creativity through my pen.

I guess that is all the news for now!  I will keep you updated, I promise!  Until next time, may your path be smooth and your journey peaceful!