Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Good Things for GoodKharma

I know, its been over a month, yet again, since my last post.  The good news is that I've just been busy....life, family, and dealing with whatever my fibromyalgia throws my way! But I have made a bit of headway....and I have several projects that are close to completion, which is a great feeling.  

These clogs, for example, are very close to completion.  I still have some 'fine' detailing to do, and then, when I feel like they are truly done, I will spray them with waterproof matte clear finishing spray.  
I wanted to show their progression through the pictures.  Its hard to imagine, unless you do what I do, how much work and how many little layers of paint go into each piece.  This is why I'm usually working on painting several items at the same time; I'm constantly working on each piece, moving closer to a finished product.  
These are the 'Dogwood Blossom' shoes....they remind me of the south and of spring, since they are one of the first things to bloom each year.  Dogwoods even grow wild in states such as North Carolina, where you can see them in     the woods during spring, standing out against the browns of winter and the budding greenery signaling the end of cold weather.  
I think they have turned out very nicely thus far.  I wish they were my size....I would likely keep them....but they are 8's, and I'm a 9.5, so they will grace someone else's feet instead of mine.
I hope to have them finished by the end of this week, and I will list them on etsy, along with the brown clogs that I have already completed.  
I am looking forward to seeing how much interest they garner.  I think I am going to offer custom order availability so people can even send shoes they'd like to have painted.

Of course, there are projects that are going to be started today and tomorrow, too.  I just set up my sewing machine, so that I can work on a few bags.  One will be the Buddha bag that I have picked the materials for already; one will be another new concept, using crocheted front and back pieces along with complimentary fabrics for sides, lining, etc. This one will be the prototype, just as the Buddha bag will be the first bag using my usual bag-making materials 
and featuring a hand-painted image.  
The one I'll be working on first will likely be a custom bag that will include parts of a military uniform, which was commissioned by a lovely person who had purchased a bag from me a couple of years ago.  I have already picked the 'raw material' components, and now I will start putting this puzzle together.  I think it will be a truly fun and personally rewarding project. I just love to do this kind of commissioned work!

So, I really have been keeping busy; and I'll be back, sooner rather than later, with updates on what I've got going on here at GKR.  So many steps for each piece, but then that gives me the opportunity to share the process with you all....making something out of nothing!  

By the way, I'm even working on shoes for myself....I figure its great free advertising!  These pictures show the shoes as they progress from my tired old Birkenstock beach sandals to cute little pieces of art!  I am still adding more different colored flowers and foliage, but I think I'll be finished with them in a couple of days, being that they are just strappy sandals, so there is only so much area to embellish.

Thanks for checking in with me.  I enjoy my work greatly, and I get caught up easily in too many various projects.  I am still at a place where my brain is just swirling with ideas, concepts, and more ways to mix things up.  Much peace to you until next time....