Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hot Times in Durham...

Didn't know I hadn't published this posting.
Yesterday I did the Durham Craft Market.  The weather was sunny and humid and hot...oppressive.  This kind of weather doesn't agree with me...I feel like all of the air, water, energy, and motivation have been sucked out of me.  But I can't change the weather, can I?
Today I'll be back in Durham's Central Park at their Food Truck Rodeo.  I think it will be even hotter than yesterday, and we'll be there all afternoon instead of being finished at noon ala the Craft Market.  I guess what I'm saying is....send me some mojo of good cheer and cool breezes, clouds at least.  I have to remember it's just four hours of my life, and I'm taking fans (the electric kind).  I think I can make it....I just hope business is better than yesterday....sold one top.  I'm not all evens out....but given the get my point, I'm sure.
I spent the past week making bags; I had spent the previous couple of weeks making clothes, and at the same time, people seemed to be buying bags left and right, so my supply on hand was getting a bit low.
To update, I had a small heat stroke at the Food Truck Rodeo.  I was ill for a couple of days and have had a hard time getting going, but I'm doing better.  I had decent sales....there was not a lot of buying, unless you're talking about the food...the people were there to eat!
Yesterday (one week later - Durham Craft Market - Saturday morning) was the first time that I didn't sell anything at the market.  I could live with that, but there was going to be a pig pickin' that afternoon and the 'cooks' started with their smoking and cooking of meat, which made me unhappy.  I moved across the sidewalk trying to get away from the smoke (hickory smoked garments - maybe not a good idea), which was a pain in the you know.  So not a very fun time overall.
Of course, we were the last ones to arrive and both spots we were in during the course of the morning sucked....our week we will be there early enough to pick the spot we want, even if I have to go there and sleep in the truck (not really!)

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