Wednesday, June 27, 2012

well, things are going on in a different order than i expected.  this happens to me alot!  i am teaching my son's girlfriend to sew, and starting her off by teaching her how to make a yoga mat bag.  we are using one leg from a pair of pajamas.  she just learned how to put that 'always an adventure' bag bottom onto the pajama leg.  we have already made and installed an awesome large pocket at the top of the bag, too.  i am taking pictures and will post them as soon as i can. i am going to go now and show her how to put another pocket with contrasting pattern and color, considering the pajama leg is striped and the first pocket and the bottom are solid. The contrasting pocket looks has sparked total creativity mode in my 'student' and she has found a one of a kind button given to her from south america.  tomorrow we will get up early and run back to the ram's rack and find some silky pajama bottoms that we will use to line the yoga mat bag.  then we'll finish the top with some kind of closure and attach a shoulder strap....we'll have to shop for that in the a.m. as well.  i will go back home tomorrow and try to post some pics and a bio, etc. here in the blog world.  have a good night!  namaste....peace be with you...

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