Monday, July 2, 2012

Why Good Kharma?

To give you a bit of insight into why my business is 'GoodKharmaReThreads'....most obviously, I only purchase my 'raw materials' from thrift stores in order to insure that my money goes to help someone or something.  The more rewarding and, at the moment, kind of overwhelming part is creating pieces to donate to various non-profits for specific and/or general fundraising.  Today I will post my first piece that will have a set price and a way to purchase through me....and I will be sending 100% of the purchase price directly to the non-profit so that they can continue doing what they do, or, in some cases, deal with overwhelming influxes of animals/people in need. I will also begin work on another piece for a different non-profit.  When I get back on today, I will share with you some pictures and links so that you can better understand 'why'. The things I keep asking myself are 'why is this even necessary?, 'why do people do these horrible things?', 'why do we as a society let things go so far without doing something about them?' Must go, but will be back soon!  until then, practice peace and kindness....

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