Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!!! to all....i do revel in my independence...don't take it for granted.  that is what small business is all about.  Today i have independently finished two lovely ladies' tops.  i am working on a girls' top and hope to have it finished tonight...we'll is pinned and ready to sew, for the most part.  it is pretty cool, too.  my first 'girls' is really going to be a nice top, too.  i took a picture...lets see if my phone will come got stuck.  technology.....why i make bags and clothes....okay, here is the picture...the color is too light and is a darker cranberry and the gold in the oriental embellishments is darker and more subtle...the whole thing is more subtle...just bad lighting....anyway there it is....
i like it so far...still have pockets to add...probably one the sides near the bottom hem.
i also have a dress that i've been commissioned to create.  i think i will take you along on that adventure...i will get some pictures and start tomorrow.  for now i am filled with the love and light of the universe and it is so good!!!  i have picture frames to cover to help some horses!!  till tomorrow....peace.

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