Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspired? Yeah....

Sometimes I just need to see the fruits of my labor to get me revved up to get to this case, it is seeing the birthday girl in the blingy dress...she loves it, and it is her, headband and all!  Nothing feels better...I made that for her!  I love my job!
I have managed to get a little work done in between having a little socializing time (much needed and overdue).  One bag completed and another 90% complete.  A cool maternity top on my dress form!  A wall of clothes waiting for their transformation.  Tomorrow I have my work 'cut -out' for me...I also have a whole day to myself to lose myself in the work.
I will let you know what I manage to get done between now and the weekend.  I am brimming with ideas and inspiration....can't wait....peace to you...

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