Sunday, January 4, 2015

Getting Started....Again!

Yes, my sewing machine is running like a loopies or other issues, and I've actually started a fun bag - fun because it has monkeys - and because I really have a great time taking this, that, and the other, and turning it into a useful, attractive piece.  I put a lot of love and joy into everything I sew, crochet, paint, write, or turn into a jewelry item.  It never seems boring, even when I feel overwhelmed with ideas, like the present moment.  My head is filled with visions of so many different pieces...but I know I can only do a few things at one time.
I don't know why I picked the monkeys, except that I think they look cool and the colors are pleasant and I'm having fun matching the other parts to these interesting placemats.  The second picture shows the interior of the front and back, with nice striped pockets, one just right for a cell phone...and the fabric I've draped behind this 'bag-in-the-making' may well end up being what I use for the sides and/or the handles/straps....I haven't decided that part yet.  But it certainly is good to get back to sewing.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy just doing it
and how fun it is to watch a concept come together into something real.  I will keep posting the progress of this one, of course.  I plan for the sides to be pockets and have pockets, too.  I haven't decided what kind of closure I'll use, but most likely it will be a magnetic snap, unless I find some cool button in my button box that says it wants to be part of this piece.  That's just how it works for me....

I've also started a watercolor of a Buddha statuary image.  This will become framed art, and I plan a series of Buddhas as time progresses and allows.  I just work on him a little every day and basically add a new layer to the picture, since watercolor is just like that.  Hopefully I won't make too much of a mess of him and he'll make the 'cut', along with two different Buddha bags that should get completed in the next couple of weeks, and a couple of other images that I want to paint.

I have picked out a couple of pairs of shoes for painting; different sizes and colors and styles...all from thrift stores, of course; but they're in fantastic condition and very good brands in very good condition to start with....I just have to figure out what I want to paint onto them, what colors, etc., and see how they turn out. I think that one-of-a-kind shoes....hand-painted....are super cool; and I had a great deal of interest in ones that I took to my last vending opportunity, before I relocated from NC to CO.  It will be fun to find out what Coloradans think of my work, you know!

And, I'm still messing around with my bird picture....she beckons me to work on her just about every day....
 I hope you can see some of the leaf detail from this really started to show up once I put background color....I'm also adding more thick branches and will be adding more details and shading, plus tweaking the background until I get what I want, and then my lovely girl will get her make-over.....becoming a more 3D-looking image instead of a flat thing.  I still don't know if I will be able to sell in my attachment to her and to the quote that she represents so well! I guess
someone will have to love her as much as I do, when it comes down to it.  That is the way it is when you make things and then have to put a price on them.  It isn't like you can go and get one at the store, or will ever create another that is just like this one. But she will be going to whatever markets or fairs or festivals that I find here in Colorado and perhaps someone will fall in love with her, or perhaps someone will want me to paint one just for them.....
Speaking of the custom creation thing....I will be selling the "heart" that I was commissioned to paint....even though the person that ordered it decided, after I had incorporated all that they thought they wanted....that maybe they wanted it in a different color scheme, etc.  I feel that there is another person out there that will absolutely love this one and will 'get' what I put into it to make it special.  So I have a few more details to incorporate and I will be listing this one in my store. 
And so this is what all I've been working on as 2014 came to a close and 2015 has arrived.  I feel like its a good start to the new, Happy New Year to one and all!!!  I will keep you posted as these projects progress, get completed, and are replaced with those visions that I have waiting to turn into real pieces.  So much to do, and so much fun to have and share.....peace be with you as this new year brings new things for us all!

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