Thursday, January 8, 2015

So Much Fun!!

Yes, I'm definitely having fun now!

I've been working on shoes...painting them, actually...and it has it's own brand of joy attached to the visualization of what I want the end result to be, as I spend time tediously painting branches or vines or whatever they will end up being...suede seems to be like a sponge with the acrylic paint...but I've managed to get a few coats on and actually highlight as well these cool shoes...of course, now I have to figure out what kind of flora to add and what colors to see, everything is a surprise for me as I go along through the process of creating each works for me to let whatever I'm working on kind of tell me what it wants to be...

Yes, artists are a little crazy!  We visualize concepts and then as we make these concepts real and tangible, things change and open as we go...its so much fun!!
I figured out the material for the sides of the 'monkey bag' that I'm working on...unfortunately, the material that I want to use is currently part of a pair of pillow I have to remove the parts that I want to use for this project before I can jump into making the sides...this goes with the territory of being a reuse artist.  I don't mind, is a kind of therapy for me to take something apart so that I can put something else together.  Making something out of nothing, my forte'!! 

I also decided to see how it would be to put the background in a painting and working from there...I think it gives me, in the case of the Buddha watercolor that I'm currently playing with, a whole different perspective to go from now...the dark background certainly enhances the rest of it, don't you think?  He is definitely evolving...and I'm just plain having fun...I just love working with watercolors!

And I've continued to work on my yellow bird picture...working on more leaves and branches and adding detail and depth to them...such joyful work for me!  I know I'll get her finished eventually...but I don't feel any burning desire to rush this one...too much going on there to flub around...and I don't want to miss anything by getting in a hurry at this point, you know?
I think that is all I've been messing with so far this week...hopefully my next post will reveal a finished 'monkey bag' and a finished pair of shoes...I already have plans for the next pair, which is black suede instead of brown...I'm thinking of trying a night sky of some kind...that is what I feel about those shoes...just will be a blast to see if I can actually pull it off!
As always, I wish you peace and joy...hope you have a great day!...I'll be back in a few with new pictures and who knows what else...thanks for taking the time to tag along with me as I do my thing!  

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