Monday, January 12, 2015

Mixing Work with Weekend

Well, it was a pretty productive weekend, here at GoodKharmaReThreads' new little studio space.  I always like it when I feel like I'm getting a few things accomplished....and for so long it seemed like my muse had left me, given up on me completely....but she's here and she keeps me filled with ideas.  My job is trying to keep things in order, to get each piece closer to completion, even as I can't stop myself from starting the next 'thing'....

I have managed to get the 'monkey' bag 85% finished....all that's left is figuring out how I want the strap/handles to be attached and exactly what I want this to be when its done.  I love the way the sides turned out and I think I will maybe extend them up with 'loops' made from the same material as the sides, then attach a strap (adjustable, like a belt, perhaps) to the loops.  

I think it will give it that unique look that I'm always trying to create.  We'll see what I've done with this bag by the next time I post.

I have spent most of my creative time working on the brown suede shoes that I started last week.  I have just finished the flora on the first one....I think it looks pretty good. 

I'll begin on the other shoe sometime later today, and it will be similar to the first, at least as far as the colors of the flowers, for consistency's sake.  But I know that each 'plant' will have whatever flowers come from the end of the brush, so they won't be identical, nor will I try to make them be so....that would take all of the fun out of what I do!!

I have selected the 'raw materials' for my next bag, too!  Always an exciting process....figuring out what goes with what and will look attractive and inviting when its finished (well, hopefully, right?).  I am thinking that this bag will be 'upright', basically a grocery shopping bag.  Of course, it could be used for anything, but I usually envision this style to be used for groceries.  I think it will be a very happy, cheerful bag, based on the 'raw materials', colors, etc.

So, I have lots to look forward to this week....finishing the 'monkey' bag, finishing the brown suede shoes, starting the new floral grocery bag, starting the black suede shoes (with starry night skies, I'm pretty sure), and I'm sure I'll work a couple more things in if my muse gets impatient with!!  She's a real motivator, for sure!  Hope you have a great day!!

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