Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Art Space....No More Dining Room Table

I've been busy...
Actually, the garden took some work...lots of work...but in the last couple of days I got it re-trellised (again), took control back over the monster tomato plants, repaired and supported the corn plants, and planted more tomatoes and marigolds...still have to move some of the baby corn plants (not getting enough light), and plant a new batch of radishes and still more tomatoes....we'll have tomatoes when everyone else has none, which is always its own kind of blessing...
Today I also took my art to the kitchen and invented a sauce from the strange green and gold tomatoes...decided it would make a great mexican verde sauce...it tastes divine!  Going to freeze it and have it on a mexican dinner night.  I have a huge 'bouquet' of basil to deal with and also a plethora of cucumbers...may try my hand at pickling...we'll see!
Anyway, the big excitement...I took over my absentee son's room and set up my computer and also a wonderful art space for painting, jewelry making, etc. I have been working on the dining room table for a year, so I'm pretty excited to have a place to claim as my own, with a door and everything!  Oh, the little things...
So I have been able to clear the dining room of piles of paints, jewelry supplies, canvases, boards, and other painting surfaces...I've cleared out all of the stuff I had under my bed - shoes, handbags, rolls of fabric (including my geisha girls), and brought my dress form in and dressed her in one of my favorite creations...she's good company - doesn't talk or do anything offensive...just looks cute and reminds me that I still can sew, too!
I also made a little display to take a couple of pictures for you...wanted you to see what I'm up to with those Buddhas (they are matched with the materials
 that will become tote bags...I'm very excited about
mixing painting with bag-making....totable art!  I like it.  Also, I wanted to show you the shoes I've done and the ones I plan to paint as well as a nice Coach handbag...and my little heart-shaped wooden bird bowl...not sure if she's finished but she's a cutie just the same...and on the easel, my work in progress - my bird board and my butterfly acrylic...the first in the butterfly series I will be doing...so here are more pictures...

The Buddhas with their coordinating fabrics.. along with the little bowl there on the right...then the red paisley shoes....still need to seal the finish and they will be ready to go on etsy.com...my easel with my current works

...and some raw materials...a couple of pair of shoes and a lovely handbag..(these can be custom ordered, should anyone have something they would like to have painted just for them).
So I am really excited about my new little studio...soon I will tackle the sewing area, which is in my bedroom and has kind of kept me from wanting to sew...but I will get there...I've gotten this far...GoodKharma is just a busy place these days, between all of the activities....I've even been jotting down some song lyrics and started doing writing exercises to get me practiced for the book I'll begin working on this winter...
I know, I am just one of those people that loves to do everything...I am blessed, and I know it!   I don't take it for granted, although there are times when its too much...my mind is too full of ideas for too many different things...and I have to take a break and regroup.  But I have a couple of vending opportunities this fall that I plan to work toward, as well as reworking my Etsy store and my Facebook page.  I love it all, and hope that my muse will love this new space as much as I do....I'm pretty sure she does; she's had me going all day and I am enjoying every minute of it!
Going to take a break now though, go ride a lovely horse with my lovely niece and enjoy this beautiful day...then I'll come home and do a little painting, I think...that butterfly keeps calling me so I may have to consult with my muse when I return and see what she's up for!  Hope you have a fantastic day...I'll be back again soon..until then, much peace and joy to you!

Yesterday's sunset from my deck...just thought I'd share it with you...I look forward to it every evening as no two are ever the same...namaste my friends!

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