Saturday, August 25, 2012

Okay, Enough Clothes....

I feel like I am a real fashion designer...hahaha!!! I have been remaking clothes for a couple of weeks, and hopefully I have enough for a couple of weeks, and for next weekend, when I'll be at the Durham Craft Market on Saturday morning, then be back to Central Park on Sunday as a vendor during their Food Truck Rally or Rodeo or whatever they call it.  There will be 45 food vendors and thousands of is quite the rage and quite a show to watch. Check out the food truck rodeo info at:
Food Truck Rodeo at Central Park
So it will be a long weekend, and I will be working on bags all this week to have inventory for two days of vending.  I have sold a lot of bags lately, so my supply is low and I really need to concentrate my efforts on all kinds of bags.  I have tons (literally) of awesome 'raw materials' to choose from...I am getting myself excited thinking about it (which tells you a lot about me, I guess!). If you look at the background in this picture you can see a portion, just some, of my palette for bag-making.  I will try to make grocery bags, totes, gift bags, handbags, and hopefully a couple of weekenders (duffle bags).  If I have time I will even do a prototype for a diaper bag, something I've been rolling around in my mind for quite a while, just haven't gotten to it yet.  Oh, I can't forget a few yoga mat bags...bags, bags, bags!

But I'll share with you a few pictures, some of my latest clothing creations.  The dress in the above picture is a medium linen embellished with parts from a lovely Indian tunic and a lovely matching scarf/sari. The second picture shows off the back of the dress; I covered the straps and  used the green and gold fabric around the bottom and framing the back slit of the dress.  It is really pretty, and I enjoyed making it so much; I had no idea what I was going to do with it past the front piece when I started. It is always like that for me....I have one part that I know, usually, at least, and the rest unfolds as I go.  Lots of pinning and repinning goes on, believe me.
This is a girls' size 8 top, a coral color embellished with light yellow
 Oriental fabric from a top and a cream silk sash that ties in back.  It turned out to be really cute...I don't think it will be around too long!  I had several little girls ogling it this morning...I can't wait till it gets tried on so that I can see it on a body!
The last two pictures are of plus-sized tops - the yellow is a 2X and the brown is a 4X.  They are each unique and designed to flatter!  I am so happy to offer plus-sized clothes; I have found that there is a great need for larger sizes that offer more than looking like some kind of tent....and I  know that the stores like Lane Bryant offer larger sizes, but there is nothing unique and nothing reasonably priced, that's for sure.  So I will continue to offer an alternative to the
usual fare, and also try to stay creative and make features that flatter the fuller figure.
Well, I have a lot of work to do and I will be getting busy starting tomorrow; also have picture frames to re-make tomorrow, but I can do both!  I will let you know how things are going sometime next week.  Until then...peace to you...and pass it on!

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