Monday, August 6, 2012

Modern Technology Sucks.... you already knew that, huh?  I took some pictures while on vacation, some of the sewing and some of the attempted glass blowing (we learned all about what not to do).  it was great fun, either way, since the worst thing that happened was my burned finger from picking up some hot glass.  I no longer have a fingerprint on my right index finger, needless to say!  Anyway, the pictures were taken on my phone and for some reason they simply won't load onto the computer.  I hate it because I wanted to share them with you, especially in the event that you were considering glass-blowing anytime soon!
Its good to be home, though, and I had a great day at the market on Saturday.  I keep meeting the most wonderful and interesting people.  I just love what I do, and being able to get out and share what I do with others.
The young lady that bought my first 'girls'' creation last weekend came running up to me to tell me that she had worn her new top and how much everyone liked it, how special it was to her.   That made my day right there....I'm grinning right now, just remembering!                                                                                        
I have been hard at work and will be this entire week.  I took some pictures of my studio....the first is, well, just four or five projects deep beneath the front hangers....tops on the left and dresses on the right, plus other projects on the 'ends'!
Then if you look at what all I have hanging on the curtain rod...all tops, some special orders and some just waiting for their turns.  I guess it would be an understatement to say I will never run out of work...I mean, we're just concentrating on the clothes....I sold six bags in the past week, so I have a few of them to make as well.
In light of all of this work, which I love so much and am in no way complaining...I will show you my latest finished dress and the one I will complete today - still pinned at this point! Both will be lovely inventory!
And of course, I can't ever figure out how to get the pictures laid out here, and when I finish and it is a finalized blog post, it looks nothing like what I have tried to do in process.  Technology....I don't know, it has its good points and its bad, and my biggest problem is that my learning curve is arrow straight!  Hahaha!!  That's why, with all of the fancy digital computerized interfacing sewing machines out there, I keep buying the "mechanical" models.  I would have to take a class if I had one of those fancy ones.
I will stay 'low-tech' as long as I can get away with.  I like the results of my 'mechanical' labors just fine.
Until next time, practice patience and practice peace....

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