Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home and Market Sweet Market

So i got home thursday afternoon, and for the rest of the day i felt like i was still rolling (from the driving).  i was stressing about having things ready for the craft market on saturday, which translates to 'i made a mess of everything i tried to make!!', but luckily i have really awesome customers - humans that respect the fact that i am one, too.  and, despite all of my unpreparedness, the market was delightful and worth the trip, so to speak.  this coming week i have several projects, including a couple of custom orders that will be picked up at the market next saturday.  i am running low on gazzoggs of things, too.  i will try and get some pictures downloaded later and i will share with you some of my vacation creations.  hope you are having a wonderful weekend...i'm off now to start sewing....i arranged and cleaned up my studio last night so i'm ready to get down to it....practice peace and compassion...the world seems to be in short supply!

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