Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Project: Denim Handbag

Well, so much has been going on here at the GoodKharma studio that I decided to do a few blogs that basically are about a specific project; that way, for those that find a project particularly interesting can go straight to the posts that they want to follow.
This post is about that denim handbag, with cork handles, that I've been working on little by little....and it is very close to completion. 
I am finished with side one, the landscape scene, other than adding something to the water - probably some highlights and ripples, or something like that - and looking at it once more to see if anything needs touching up before I seal it with waterproofing sealant spray.

So, for side two, I decided on birds, and chose three to work with....the first two are a cardinal and what I believe to be a finch of some sort....and the third, well, it is from my imagination, other than the outline and pose and such....I made up the colors because the original one was yellow, and I already had a yellow bird on the bag.
But I needed a bird that was not on a branch, something to give the appearance of being near the ground instead, since the other two are on branches.
I am still not completely happy with this side of the bag.  I have considered whether or not to add a background to this side, or to somehow outline certain things....I don't really like either idea.  I will do some touch-up work on these guys and see if that will do the
trick to make sure that the dark parts, such as the black tail and
head on the yellow bird, are not lost against the dark denim.  Other than that I think this whole bag is very close to completion now.
I am excited at the thought of getting this one out there into the marketplace and seeing what kind of reactions I get.  Of course, I would love it if someone were to buy it in the near future....not about the money, just about the exposure for GKR as I work toward using multiple art mediums within a project (I am itching to get to the first Buddha bag, which combines painting with creating and sewing the bag).
There are so many things I want to work on, it is distracting at times.  I want to paint, but I want to sew, but I want to paint....and then all that other stuff - cooking, laundry, cleaning, chauffeuring, etc. - that I have to do, which all take away from the art.  But I remain dedicated; at least, most days I get a good bit done, fibromyalgia notwithstanding.
Okay, I will go on to my next blog....I have a couple more posts to do to get 'caught up'....whatever that is supposed to mean.  Thanks for your interest....if you have any ideas about this project, please feel free to share them....I would love to hear from you!
Until next time, namaste....


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