Sunday, May 3, 2015

May....Less Painting....More Sewing!

Yes, I've spent a good deal of time painting now its time for me to get to sewing.  I have several bags to make....custom orders....the first GKR Buddha Bag....and so I will be changing gears, starting today!
I did manage to get a little painting in....what else does someone like me do first thing on a Sunday morning but a little painting....and finished my sandals....good old Birkenstocks that have seen better days, but now have a new face and allow me to 'show off' one of the things I enjoy and want to do more of....the shoes....painting the shoes....I really like the idea of wearing art on one's feet for some reason!

I guess I'll have to 'paint' my toenails so I can wear these today!  I'm pretty pleased with how they have turned out....they just need to be sprayed with sealant and they'll be ready to go!  
I also managed to finish the first side of the little denim handbag I've been painting....I am waiting for my muse and I to agree on what belongs on the other side of this one....I am leaning towards a big butterfly or birds?   Perhaps with some big blossoms or branches, depending on which creature gets chosen....but here is side one....

I also have been trying to finish 'side one' of an old project that my son brought me from NC a few weeks ago....I thought it was misplaced during my relocation, but I think I just missed a few things, so I was glad to open a box and find this little handbag waiting....
My first butterfly....and I've done quite a bit of work on this one since this I will update you on the progress next time I post.  Hopefully I will have this side finished and get to 'side two' in the near future.  A little morning painting each day and I will get it done soon enough....

I also did this butterfly on paper....and I have two more butterflies to paint....a black one and and orange complete a set of three.  It should be pretty cool when they are all fact, I think I might put the other two on 'side two' of this little bag, good practice for the regular paintings.
This is just a close-up, to show the detail....I found it quite challenging and learned a good deal about what paint will and will not forgive when doing this kind of work.  
Well, as I stated earlier, I will be doing limited painting for a while so that I can get some sewing done, but I will still pick up the brush every day for a half-hour or gives a different kind of satisfaction than the sewing, or the writing....and so I won't just stop will just become the 'back burner' thing while I attend to the other stuff. 

There you have it....switching gears will be okay.  I know that once I delve into the sewing and cutting and ironing and pinning and all of the rest....I will enjoy the work....making something out of nothing!  It is great fun, and gives me so much pleasure, so it is really all good.  I know that I'm blessed to be able to do so many diverse creative activities, expanding GoodKharma as I with the GKR Buddha Bags, which will combine painting and sewing.  
I should get myself to work now....ironing....ugh!  Not my favorite part of the process, but totally necessary.  I should have some baggage to show you when next we 'meet'....until then, I bid you peace.

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