Monday, November 12, 2012

The Universe Smiles....

Wow!  I don't know where to start, other than to say that the universe is still very much in attendance in my a good, good way, of course!
I received an e-mail from the wonderful woman that bought the top that was the subject of last week's blog.  It didn't fit....she was crushed, I was crushed...but she didn't want a refund, she wanted a credit, because she  said she 'loves what I am doing' and she thought she might get a bag or another top or something, either for herself or for a gift.  I saw her crossing the road Saturday morning, on her way to my booth, with such an aura of kindness and happiness, I knew it was her before I really recognized her.  She had wrapped the top in tissue paper 'to protect it', and handed it over so that she could do some browsing.  She looked and looked but then she saw one of the bags that I had just completed, jewel tones, clay buttons, long and soft straps, and she knew it was for even trade.  We chatted for a bit before she left, and I know that she will become a regular customer and will promote my shop and what I do long into the future.  It feels so good, knowing that there are people like her in the world.  I can't wait to see her coming toward my booth again!
There were other special folks that crossed my booth's threshold on Saturday...a nice woman, petite, treating herself to a 'new' top, dark teal with Indian Silk....that fit her just right.  Another woman, needing a plus-size, who was very attracted to the red top with the African dashiki fabric.  She proved to me that my idea for the pluses, my embellishments on the sides of the tops, does take attention away from a poochy belly or bubble butt (I have both myself these days!) in a flattering way.  She was short in height, and the top made a tunic on was just right.  So I had the opportunity to see my designs and theories in action, or come to fruition, or however you want to say it.  I continue to be amazed in that moment when someone pulls one of my pieces over her and it fits like it was made just for her.   It is its own reward for me.
Now, the boho top, the one that was the subject of last week's blog and was returned this past Saturday....
well, two other women tried it on, but it didn't fit them well or right...wasn't meant for them.  Then along came a good friend of mine that lives in Durham and believes in buying local. She comes to the market a couple of times a month, usually for veggies and such, and always stops by to say 'hi'!!  She saw the top in question on my display girlequin and she was like, "this is the perfect present for one of my old friends' of our stipulations for our gift-giving is that the gifts be locally made and artisan-made, and this is just right for her, her style, her colors...."
So that top is off to its new person....I don't remember where she lives, but I have great hopes that it will be a good home for it!  Finally!!!
And as a special ending to such a nice day....when I got home and checked my email I found that someone had purchased a top through my shop.  What a wonderful of my favorite tops is on its way to live in Florida!!
I appreciate all of the people that I met on Saturday, too. It was a beautiful day and there were tons of people out and about, and I enjoyed having people consider my art, my craft, my is good!

Peace to you, and the universe will smile back at you!

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