Saturday, October 20, 2012

Its Been Humbling...Its Been Rewarding..

Last weekend was the first time at the craft market that I didn't sell anything.  It was humbling for me to leave with as much as I went with.  I know it can't always be stellar but usually I sell at least a couple of things each week.  So I was a little shocked.  And the sucky part, it was the coldest morning yet, and we set up in too much of a shady spot so our booth never got warm, and neither did I.  But I made it through, and I know that it happens to everyone...I see it all the time.  It was slow.
Today was also a cold morning, but I felt very prepared for that - set up in a sunnier area, better general mood, lots of layers.  Well, by 11: 30 I still hadn't sold a thing.  I was starting to feel a little cursed...silly, I know.  Had a few lookers and questions which hopefully will turn into orders, but that was it.  Then along came this nice woman, looking at the girls' clothing for a grandchild, but not finding the size she needed.  She started looking at the ladies' clothes and fell in love with a top...the top...the first top that I made when I started GoodKharmaReThreads...the one that I made and was so pleased with and proud of back in October of 2010, then looked around and realized I needed to make a whole lot more clothes, that one top was just not going to be enough!!
Well, she bought it!  I could tell that she didn't usually buy things for herself....her husband was encouraging her to get it.  It was so sweet and I told her the story of the top and that I was so thrilled that she bought that most special piece.  I felt like it was a good omen, too!  Still makes me smile...this is that same top, with me modelling back in 2010.  I look at it and I feel so blessed and so humbled, yet again....peace to you...
Photo: Welcome....hope you'll visit my website!!

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