Saturday, November 21, 2015

Holiday Sale!

Hey there!  I have a bunch of things to blog about, but I wanted to let my readers know that I have lowered prices on all of the items in my shop.  The prices are good until the end of 2015, so great for holiday shopping.
I don't have all items that I've made listed on the shop site, but I will post pictures and get the listing done as soon as possible.  I have no computer other than my phone,  so it is harder to get things done, but I will do my best.

***If anyone is interested in custom orders for holiday gifts, now is the time to contact me, so that I have time to get your orders completed and to you.

I will endeavor to keep everyone updated regarding local markets where I'll be vending and any new stuff that I don't have time to get listed but are still available for purchase. ...we can simply do the order without Etsy,  as I have the capacity to take credit/debit cards through Square.
Please feel free to visit the GKR shop at:
I will also post pictures and keep ya'll updated through the GKR Facebook page at:
And I will try to get pictures up ASAP!
More news is forthcoming, too!  So stay tuned. ...namaste!

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